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Ours is a multifunctional farm, which was born to fullfill the needs of the community members. Through a visit you will explore the farm, the vegetable gardens, the orchards, the vineyards, the laboratories for food processing where we prepare jams, tomatoes preserves, fruit juices and many other products.

Visitors and school groups are usually most interested in Natural Dyeing demonstrations. In the right season, we also propose to visit the silkworm breedings; we have video and slides about silkworms to show in the other periods of the year.

Find the list of experiences on this page. Please contact us for pricing information, availability periods and reservations

Proposed activities

  • Guided visits to the Farm (estimated time: about 2 hours) Participants: from 15 to 50
  • Demonstrations and workshops on natural dyeing (estimated time for a demonstration: from 1 hour to 2 hours; for a workshop 1 or 2 full days).
    Since 20 years ago La Campana deals with natural colours, from the cultivation of plants to the dyeing process. The latter is certainly the most scenographic phase of all the work, especially with the Indigo dyeing from Guado, whose colour changes when exposed to air. We offer (depending on the degree of interest), to attend a demonstration of dyeing, performed and illustrated by our dyer (Dr Butta Alessandro), or to have a more in-depth experience that allows you to start the practice of this ancient art.
    Participants: demonstration from 15 to 50; workshops from 1 to 12.
  • Poetic aperitifs (estimated time: from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half)
    The setting of the sun invites meditation. On the background of our hills, we offer you a moment of relaxation and culture, listening to works selected from the best Italian literature and tasting of wines and local products (eg crostini with rabbit liver patè, local cheese platter with mustards)
    Participants: from 15 to 50
  • Botanical-mythological walks (estimated time: from 2 hours to 2 and a half hours)
    The countryside is the place where Man and Nature interact with greater intensity. In many ways, the former has tried to interpret the signs of the world that surrounds him and has often attributed human characteristics to natural elements. Many legends were born and many have plants and trees as their protagonists. With an unusual walk through the less visible parts of our estates, we will discover some of them: stories halfway between magic and reality.
    Participants: from 15 to 50
  • Mountain Biking, Tours on the Sibillini Mountains.
    We have the opportunity to request the presence in the company of an instructor and guide for mountain biking for a tour in the hills of the Piceno. We remind you that in our Agriturismo swimming pool, tennis court and, even independently, mountain bikes are available. The Agriturismo La Campana joined the Trek and Bike initiative by organizing cycle tours for its guests, ask us for directions and maps. The nearby Sibillini Mountains Park also offers environmental guides and excursions that you can contact for mountain tours.
    Participants: from 1 to 5
  • Other possibilities in the farm:
    *Bread-making and confectionery lessons (from 5 to 20 participants); *Hand-knitting courses in Italian style with "fixed-needle" and crochet (from 2 to 10 participants)

    We cooperate with:
    * archery association (instructor available for on-site courses with a minimum of 5 people), * falconer, * sport clubs on the beach, * hiking guides of the Sibillini Park, * yoga instructors, * horse riding clubs, * balloon flights club, * bathhouses, * shops of typical products, * wine cellars for tastings, * restaurants, * teachers of Italian for foreigners, * florist for decorations, * classical pianist, * teacher of decoration on porcelain, * mosaicist


Our Agriturismo is accessible to disabled people but there are some obstacles due to the historical age of the buildings.
Therefore we would like to point out that:

  • we are equipped with only one room with a bathroom accessible by wheelchair;
  • the restaurant is located 100m from this room, you get there via a gravel road with gravel and there are then two steps to access the restaurant, access to the pool is only possible via a staircase;
  • aware of this, our staff is always ready to assist the needs of our guests with movement difficulties to help them overcome these barriers.

Our agri-food products

La Campana farm has a good (and tasty!) production of preserves. Fruit juices and jams will never be lacking on the breakfast buffet. After dinner, you will taste the VinCotto, a typical wine from Piceno. We also produce tomato preserves, fruit in syrup and fruit mustard, extra-virgin oil. 

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