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The Courage of Living Together

Our farm is now over thirty years old.

Not many, after all, especially if we compare ourselves with our neighbours, linked for centuries and generations to these lands. Yet these were revolutionary years, begun with a disarming simplicity.

A small group of families, linked by ideals and friendship, learns about the existence of an abandoned farmhouse, among the impoverished farms. These families are determined to live together and also to share activities and interests. None of them knows how much and what kind of work the land and the houses will require, but everyone intends to commit to this project. It is in 1980 that the group moved to this farmhouse. Between trials, errors and successes, the houses rise again and the earth begins to produce again. Many friends, in the first years, guide and help us.

The farmhouses really become everyone's home and the land gives olives, grapes, fruit, vegetables and even beauty, with the new garden. What has been learned becomes the lifeblood of new ideas and experiments and soon the surrounding peasants see this precocious grandson to take the first steps by themselves.


The Multifunctional Farm

In 1989 the company is now solid and structured. It is the attendance of friends left in the city to bring the first guests and thus rises the farm.

After ten years of activity, the renovated farmhouses become the restaurant and the rooms, the fields, the gardens and the farms provide what to feed the visitors and the commitment of each of us joins the welcome task of hospitality. The exchange between the farm and the farm is constant and is refined during the nineties. The garden becomes a park that gives refreshment to guests and lends itself to leisure and sport.

Within the group of members, new attitudes are discovered and formed that are used for the common cause. There is the enologist, the accountant and the surveyor, but also the sociologist, the chemist, the nurse, the psychotherapist, the pharmaceutical researcher and the pianist. All united by a passion for the earth.

Today, in La Campana agricultural community, located in what we call "our bride-land", we live in thirty people between the ages of 13 months and 95 years. Some have gone, others have arrived. Living together is not always easy, but it is a great opportunity. Everyone has a lot to give, for experience, culture, personality.


Our agri-food products

La Campana farm has a good (and tasty!) production of preserves. Fruit juices and jams will never be lacking on the breakfast buffet. After dinner, you will taste the VinCotto, a typical wine from Piceno. We also produce tomato preserves, fruit in syrup and fruit mustard, extra-virgin oil. 

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